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About Us


Shanghai Keen Right Law Firm is a full-service law firm established in Shanghai in 2008. It provides legal service in wide-ranging areas including real estate, construction, corporate matters, banking and finance, human resources and employment, arbitration and litigation, foreign-related areas, etc. It has been recognized as “Integrity Model Law Firm” by Shanghai judicial bureau.

We value clients’ business needs as they are essential to clients’ business purpose. We provide practical and constructive legal solutions to our clients after we fully communicate with them and fully understand their business needs. As we have lawyers and professional teams highly experienced in wide-ranging areas, we are able to provide flexible, efficient and comprehensive legal services.

Our Purpose

Help clients to achieve their business purpose

We always serve clients with strong business sense not only to help them avoid risks and solve problems but also effectuate their transaction.

Provide cross-regional legal services

Headquartered in Shanghai, we also provide service to clients in other regions where clients need us.

Cross-industry cooperation

We have long-term cooperation with banks, business agents, accounting firms, and preservation and guarantee companies.

Our Advantages

Professional and Experienced

We have professional teams highly experienced in corporate matters, real estate, construction, banking and finance, employment, foreign-related, arbitration and litigation, etc. Their profound legal knowledge, extensive practice experience and acute business sense ensure that we provide creative and effective comprehensive legal services.

Quality and Efficiency

We value quality and efficiency in our legal services by being client-oriented and responsive.

Specialization and Teamwork

We have teams to work on every project and every case with senior partners, partners and legal assistants well coordinated to provide teamwork service with division of labor based on specialization.